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Binay’s convenient silence backfires

Confessed presidential candidate Jejomar Binay has never been put under close public scrutiny as he is now, with just 20 months before the 2016 presidential elections.
Either he never saw it coming or his convenient silence got the better of him when his allies were under fire and got embroiled in the biggest corruption scandal to hit Philippine Congress – the PDAF and DAP issues .

Binay is tight grip of the 2016 presidency is quickly eroding.Pic by Edwin Espejo
Binay is tight grip of the 2016 presidency is quickly eroding.Pic by Edwin Espejo

With Senator Jinggoy Estrada effectively gagged and many other allies facing plunder charges for their involvement in the Janet Napoles scandal, Binay is now left alone to ward off accusation of corruption leveled against him.
How Binay would now have wished those PDAF and DAP issues did not spill over him.
As things are now playing out their way, Binay should have anticipated he was also a target all along with the bullseye right on his chest.
The PDAF and DAP issues would have been excellent opportunities for Binay to break ties with the Aquino government and launch the perfect platforms for his presidential bid.
But because many of those who were dragged into the corruption mess were his party mates and potential allies in the 2016 presidential race, Binay went slow.
One wonders if his deafening silence when his allies were under siege was a calculated ploy to hide his own skeletons.
Binay is hurting. And it is hurting most his presidential ambitions.
It began with simple overpricing of several buildings in Makati where he and his family have reigned supreme since 1986.
Then it spiraled into a humongous monster that is threatening to pull him down.
While it has not yet been proven that he owns vast tracks of lands in Rosario, Cavite, public perception is that Binay has accumulated – amass – wealth that he successfully hid until the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee began unearthing them.
His adamant refusal to appear before the committee to give his side over the controversial Hacienda Binay and Makati building issues is not helping him either.
As the Senate investigation wears along, Binay is dangerously treading the path of political perdition.
With the exception of Joseph Estrada, no early presidential aspirant who has been leading in surveys a year before the election since the EDSA Revolt of 1986 ever made it to Malacañang.
Binay and Estrada almost have parallel political careers and both ended up facing corruption scandals. The difference is that Estrada was already a sitting president while Binay is still trying to claim that seat.
But nobody who has been accused of the magnitude of corruption Binay is facing ever made it to the presidency.   Binay, in fact, is the first presidential aspirant to hold the distinction of a presidential contender accused with such massive corruption issue.