EDITORIAL: It is all about character

Somebody said the presidency is about the kid from the squatter taking on the oligarchs.

Huh! Nothing is farthest from the truth.

One guy is no longer a squatter. He now belongs to the same elite class. Just because you are born poor does not mean you cannot transcend your class origin. Your current class will not always be the same as your class origin.

This is all about resolving contradiction among the ruling elite which, under the present Philippine setting, they do through elections.

Except on three occasions.

When political power was snagged and snatched away from the people in the 1896 Philippine revolution when the Magdalo group of Aguinaldo assassinated Andres Bonifacio and in 1986 EDSA Revolt when again another faction of the elite seized power. It was repeated in 2001 with yet another popular uprising that unseated Estrada. Sadly, it ended with the same result.

In all three occasions, it was the protest movement that galvanized popular support.
Unfortunately, never have the people seized actual political power – in elections or otherwise.

In an election when the poor have no choice, it is all about character.

And in the current issue that tests the character of that man, he is being unmasked and exposed of his true self.

He may yet win.

But who loses in the end?


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